The Best Gaming Headsets Ranked by Audio Quality

If you are a gamer, you will know that one of the most important bits of kit that you should own is a good set of headphones. A lot of the time when playing a game, you won’t be able to see your objective. For this reason, you need to be able to use your other senses to be able to figure out what is going on.  

Without being able to hear what is happening, you will be in a bad position in a lot of games. If you look back to your childhood, you probably have memories of playing a game without any headphones and having to be cautious about waking up your parents in the middle of the night. Now that you are an adult that probably isn’t the case, but nobody likes to blast audio out of their speaker unless they really have to.  

A lot of the games that you can play right now are multiplayer, which means it will benefit you to be able to communicate with your team, which is unfortunately not possible unless you have a headphone and microphone set up to be able to talk to them through.  

As a gamer, you have probably made the mistake of purchasing headphones that don’t have the best quality, after all, not everyone has the money to purchase expensive headphones whenever they feel like it. Headsets do not need to be expensive and you can find a headset that is of good quality and also doesn’t break the bank. Here are the best gaming headsets ranked by the audio quality.  


Pulse 3D audio 

This is one of the latest types of headphones to come out and they cost a very reasonable 80 dollars at most major retailers. The main reason that this particular headset is so popular is due to the astounding audio quality that comes with the headset. If you are someone that likes to be fully immersed in every game that you play, then you will be glad to know that this particular headset has 3d surround sound, which means that it truly feels like you are in the game that you are playing 


The mic on this headset is not as abrasive and it is built into one of the speakers. This means that you can use this headset as normal headphones, so if you wanna sit back and chill while enjoying a puff on your cbd oil vape, you don’t have to worry about being poked in the face with an extended mic.  


Turtle Beach 

One of the most popular brands for headsets for gamers is Turtle beach and the brand’s popularity is a good indication of just how good the quality of the product that they sell is. This brand has been around for some time now and they have been providing headsets to gamers for over a decade. This brand continues to be so popular because it always delivers in terms of audio quality and has been a dependable brand for so long. Some owners of the headsets say that their headsets are still perfectly functional after years of owning them.  



Razor is one of the most popular brands for any sort of gaming equipment that you may need. Razor has been around for some time now and every year the brand releases brand new and upgraded equipment that perfectly matches up with the demands of brand new games and gaming consoles. Razor do not compromise on quality, which means they have some of the best and affordable gaming headsets out there.