How does AC work: Our Tech Guide for 2021

The world is full of wonderful inventions that we use every day, but that does not mean that we understand the tech behind it.  Often, we will purchase a helpful piece of tech and pay no attention to the work that goes into the functionality of the item. Unless you are someone that has received some sort of education based on the functionality of technology, then it is probably of no interest to you.

Though you may survive perfectly well not understanding how some of the techs in your life work, there are several benefits that come with at least learning some of the basics. This is especially the case when it comes to items that we depend on such as air conditioning. Understanding the basics of air conditioning is useful on several fronts. Firstly, if you have a basic understanding of how it operates you can fix it if it ever encounters problems. On top of that, there is a lot of money to be made in the world of air conditioning and if you understand the manufacturing process, then you can even start to sell your own for a tasty profit. Once you have an understanding of the sale process of AC’s, there is then more to learn about hvac lead generation and meeting clientele.

Here is our guide on how air conditioners work.


A simple rundown of how air conditioning works

To put it into simple terms, the basic function of an air conditioner consists of removing hot air from inside your home and then releasing this hot air outside. It then pulls in cooler air and releases that into your home, which makes your home much cooler.

One of the best visual representations that I can offer is the functionality of a fridge. A fridge works by pushing out any hot air that collects within the fridge and then drawing in colder air.

The process of an air conditioner

Though you now know a very basic explanation of how an air conditioner works, to really understand the function of an air conditioner you must get to know the process that every air conditioner must complete in order to achieve its desired results.

Firstly, the air conditioner very simply pulls in any warm air from the room, this warm air then flows over something known as ‘cold evaporator pipes’, which decreases the temperature of the air. Within the air conditioner, there is also a dehumidifier that removes any additional moisture. During the air cooling process, quite a bit of moisture is created. Now, excessive moisture is something that you want to avoid as this could compromise the system. Releasing excess moisture into a room could also lead to damp walls, which we want to avoid at all costs.

Within the pipes there is a flowing coolant, this coolant absorbs the hot air and then evaporates, which means that it is no longer a cool liquid and is instead a hot gas. This warm gas is then pumped out into the outside world where it goes unnoticed. Cool air from the air conditioner is then released into the warm air within the home, which regulates the heat and makes it much cooler inside.

The air conditioner compressor and condenser

The two main components within an air conditioner are the compressor and condenser. These are arguably the two main features that you should understand. The compressor essentially acts as a pimp for the air conditioner and decreases the air that is held within the conditioner by pumping it into your room and into the outside world.

The condenser pumps the vapor outside where it is absorbed by the hot air, this is what changes the hot air from a gas to a liquid, which then becomes cool air that is pumped into the room of your house.

What are the benefits of owning an air conditioner?

As well as cooling your home, there are a number of benefits that come with owning an air conditioning system.

Something that you may not have previously taken into consideration when purchasing an air conditioning system is that owning an air conditioner can actually increase the security of your home. If you are someone that does not own an air conditioner, then you may have noticed that you often keep your window open as a way to try and cool your home down. However, leaving windows open is basically an invitation for any potential criminal to have access to your home and by owning an air conditioner, you are not putting your home at risk.

There are also a number of health benefits associated with owning an air conditioner, as you are constantly being supplied with fresh air from outside which will keep your lung function healthy.