How VR Tech is Changing Horror Gaming 

Gaming has come a very long way since the first-ever video game was released in 1958 after being developed by the physicist William Higinbotham. The first game was a very simple tennis game but was still extremely popular at the time. Gaming has advanced massively since then, with new consoles coming out every few years and new games coming out all the time. There are so many games available to play now that they’re split into genres. One of the most popular gaming genres is horror gaming, one of the most popular horror games is ‘Dead by Daylight’. This game is a survival horror game, it’s multiplayer which makes it even more fun for its users, it’s 4 vs 1 and, you’ll either play as the killer of one of the people trying to survive. If you’re in the team of 4 the aim is to survive, if you’re the killer you win if you kill everyone. The advancement of technology has allowed for games like this, it seems like VR technology is the next development in gaming and this will make dead by daylight more fun, as well as improving many other games too.


What is VR tech? 

VR gaming is the new biggest thing, it provides gamers with a completely new way to experience gaming, making it much more realistic and immersive which makes it much more fun. Whilst it will never eradicate the need for other forms of entertainment it is likely it will come to dominate the entertainment industry as people will start to expect this higher standard of gaming. The gaming industry is a profitable one as gamers are always willing to splash out on the best new console or the most popular new game. Gamers have taken well to the new innovative technology that allows for VR video games, this is evident by a recent study which according to Statista claims that by the end of 2025 VR gaming will have generated almost $20 billion in the United States alone. There is still a long way to go for any games to be fully VR formatted, but the development of this has started and based on the success of the current VR games it’s likely it will change the gaming industry and VR gaming will be mainstream by 2025. 

What benefits will it bring to horror gaming? 

VR gaming would make the experience much more immersive for the player and their engagement levels to the game would be much higher. VR gaming would involve accessories such as a headset or hand controller which means they’re more involved than they would be with just a console and a TV. This would make the game more enjoyable and therefore more addictive meaning more people would play and people would spend a longer amount of time playing. 

The newest developments in VR technology have allowed for the whole gaming environment to be improved. Some of the developments including the release of controllers are seen as a turning point in VR gaming. The massively increase the player’s involvement with the environment as it allows the players to control the environment at their will. It is likely that future developments will be even more advanced and incorporate all 5 senses into the experience. 

VR also creates expanded content which has already changed horror gaming, any other changes will only improve it more. According to Statista, 68% of users are interested in VR horror games, compared to only 36% being interested in normal horror games, thanks to this expanded content.