The Best Gaming Headsets Ranked by Audio Quality

If you are a gamer, you will know that one of the most important bits of kit that you should own is a good set of headphones. A lot of the time when playing a game, you won’t be able to see your objective. For this reason, you need to be able to use your other senses to be able to figure out what is going on.  

Without being able to hear what is happening, you will be in a bad position in a lot of games. If you look back to your childhood, you probably have memories of playing a game without any headphones and having to be cautious about waking up your parents in the middle of the night. Now that you are an adult that probably isn’t the case, but nobody likes to blast audio out of their speaker unless they really have to.  

A lot of the games that you can play right now are multiplayer, which means it will benefit you to be able to communicate with your team, which is unfortunately not possible unless you have a headphone and microphone set up to be able to talk to them through.  

As a gamer, you have probably made the mistake of purchasing headphones that don’t have the best quality, after all, not everyone has the money to purchase expensive headphones whenever they feel like it. Headsets do not need to be expensive and you can find a headset that is of good quality and also doesn’t break the bank. Here are the best gaming headsets ranked by the audio quality.  


Pulse 3D audio 

This is one of the latest types of headphones to come out and they cost a very reasonable 80 dollars at most major retailers. The main reason that this particular headset is so popular is due to the astounding audio quality that comes with the headset. If you are someone that likes to be fully immersed in every game that you play, then you will be glad to know that this particular headset has 3d surround sound, which means that it truly feels like you are in the game that you are playing 


The mic on this headset is not as abrasive and it is built into one of the speakers. This means that you can use this headset as normal headphones, so if you wanna sit back and chill while enjoying a puff on your cbd oil vape, you don’t have to worry about being poked in the face with an extended mic.  


Turtle Beach 

One of the most popular brands for headsets for gamers is Turtle beach and the brand’s popularity is a good indication of just how good the quality of the product that they sell is. This brand has been around for some time now and they have been providing headsets to gamers for over a decade. This brand continues to be so popular because it always delivers in terms of audio quality and has been a dependable brand for so long. Some owners of the headsets say that their headsets are still perfectly functional after years of owning them.  



Razor is one of the most popular brands for any sort of gaming equipment that you may need. Razor has been around for some time now and every year the brand releases brand new and upgraded equipment that perfectly matches up with the demands of brand new games and gaming consoles. Razor do not compromise on quality, which means they have some of the best and affordable gaming headsets out there. 

A Buyers Guide to the 7 Best Smart TVs on the Market

There are few things better than falling down onto your sofa after a long day at work and flicking on your TV. And these days we are blessed with so much content in the forms of hundreds of channels, streaming platforms, and blu-ray DVDs. So it makes sense you would want a TV that can display everything in stunning quality with a lot of extra features to boot.

Smart TVs have become a staple of any modern home. With features far beyond that of the TVs of old. Bluetooth connectivity. Internet access. Streaming platform integration. Drop sharing and more. Smart TVs earn their name with the myriad of features they offer. So today we are going to examine 7 of the best Smart TVs on the market to help you find the one best suited to your needs and budget.


The LG C1 is an extremely powerful and current smart tv, with its OS being updated this year making it one of the more advanced units on the market. The OLED panels have the ability to switch individual pixels on and off when needed to avoid any odd stretching for older shows or poorly formatted channels.

This unit was voted one of the best products for streaming platforms to be watched on. And if it is a great choice for anyone who watches HDR movies will be happy as this unit supports HDR10. So if you are a huge movie buff then this is the unit for you.

Samsung QN90A Neo

Samsung has always been a powerhouse when it comes to smart technology. And their smart TVs are no exception. And the QN90A keeps to this trend. Offering some of the crispest and clearest images available, making use of mini backlight LED technology. And it comes with impressive anti-glare tech as well, for anyone whose lounge gets a bit too sunny in the summer months.

TCL 6-Series Roku

The 6-Series Roku is a great middle-ground unit. It combines a mixture of fantastic quality paired with a reasonable price tag. It is often touted as being a great model for gamers due to its priority over visual quality as opposed to smart features. Designed with the next generation of consoles in mind, it will properly allow you to experience the true power of these consoles while still being the perfect TV to sit back and watch a movie on.

The price tag, as we said, is a middle ground. For those that want to treat themselves without breaking the bank. Because of this, it isn’t as powerful as some other models so don’t expect the best of the best. But for its cost, it is outstanding.

Sony X950H

If you are interested in a TV that will impress people with its size, this could be the one for you. Measuring in at a whopping 65-Inches. It is fully 4K compatible as well-meaning it is perfect for the next generation of gaming consoles and for HDR movies. This model is great when paired with a TV hard drive. Saving high-def movies direct to a hard drive is proven to improve video quality against normal streaming. While we won’t go into it here, we have many articles listing empfehlung für TV festplatten.

In terms of pricing, this model isn’t cheap but it also isn’t break the bank pricey either. This is the one upside to TV technology becoming more advanced and widespread. Products are getting cheaper too.

TCL 65 Inch 5-Series

It would be easy to assume the 5-Series is worse than the 6-Series Roku. But this isn’t true. Both are designed with different functions in mind. The Roku matches power with affordable pricing. Whereas the 5-Series is more like a flashy sports car.

Not only is it a whopping 65 inches, enough to impress anyone. but it comes equipped with all the bells and whistles you would expect from a top-of-the-range smart TV. Quantum dot technology. THX Game mode for high-quality gaming. 4 HDMI Inputs to allow for a full entertainment system set up. The only downside to this unit is, of course, the price. Nearing the thousand dollar mark it is only for those who can really afford to splash out and treat themself.

LG CX 4K Smart

Our final choice is the CX by LG for a few reasons. As you’d expect from an LG tv it comes with all the bells and whistles.  It has often been considered one of the best TVs on the market. But the real kicker comes from the fact it has Alexa built-in, meaning it can be entirely operated by voice if you wanted. This is great for anyone who loves novelty but it’s also fantastic for those with disabilities that make normal movement difficult. It is a bit pricey but is worth every penny.

How does AC work: Our Tech Guide for 2021

The world is full of wonderful inventions that we use every day, but that does not mean that we understand the tech behind it.  Often, we will purchase a helpful piece of tech and pay no attention to the work that goes into the functionality of the item. Unless you are someone that has received some sort of education based on the functionality of technology, then it is probably of no interest to you.

Though you may survive perfectly well not understanding how some of the techs in your life work, there are several benefits that come with at least learning some of the basics. This is especially the case when it comes to items that we depend on such as air conditioning. Understanding the basics of air conditioning is useful on several fronts. Firstly, if you have a basic understanding of how it operates you can fix it if it ever encounters problems. On top of that, there is a lot of money to be made in the world of air conditioning and if you understand the manufacturing process, then you can even start to sell your own for a tasty profit. Once you have an understanding of the sale process of AC’s, there is then more to learn about hvac lead generation and meeting clientele.

Here is our guide on how air conditioners work.


A simple rundown of how air conditioning works

To put it into simple terms, the basic function of an air conditioner consists of removing hot air from inside your home and then releasing this hot air outside. It then pulls in cooler air and releases that into your home, which makes your home much cooler.

One of the best visual representations that I can offer is the functionality of a fridge. A fridge works by pushing out any hot air that collects within the fridge and then drawing in colder air.

The process of an air conditioner

Though you now know a very basic explanation of how an air conditioner works, to really understand the function of an air conditioner you must get to know the process that every air conditioner must complete in order to achieve its desired results.

Firstly, the air conditioner very simply pulls in any warm air from the room, this warm air then flows over something known as ‘cold evaporator pipes’, which decreases the temperature of the air. Within the air conditioner, there is also a dehumidifier that removes any additional moisture. During the air cooling process, quite a bit of moisture is created. Now, excessive moisture is something that you want to avoid as this could compromise the system. Releasing excess moisture into a room could also lead to damp walls, which we want to avoid at all costs.

Within the pipes there is a flowing coolant, this coolant absorbs the hot air and then evaporates, which means that it is no longer a cool liquid and is instead a hot gas. This warm gas is then pumped out into the outside world where it goes unnoticed. Cool air from the air conditioner is then released into the warm air within the home, which regulates the heat and makes it much cooler inside.

The air conditioner compressor and condenser

The two main components within an air conditioner are the compressor and condenser. These are arguably the two main features that you should understand. The compressor essentially acts as a pimp for the air conditioner and decreases the air that is held within the conditioner by pumping it into your room and into the outside world.

The condenser pumps the vapor outside where it is absorbed by the hot air, this is what changes the hot air from a gas to a liquid, which then becomes cool air that is pumped into the room of your house.

What are the benefits of owning an air conditioner?

As well as cooling your home, there are a number of benefits that come with owning an air conditioning system.

Something that you may not have previously taken into consideration when purchasing an air conditioning system is that owning an air conditioner can actually increase the security of your home. If you are someone that does not own an air conditioner, then you may have noticed that you often keep your window open as a way to try and cool your home down. However, leaving windows open is basically an invitation for any potential criminal to have access to your home and by owning an air conditioner, you are not putting your home at risk.

There are also a number of health benefits associated with owning an air conditioner, as you are constantly being supplied with fresh air from outside which will keep your lung function healthy.

PS5 Vs Xbox Series S: Unpacking the Tech

For over two decades there has been a rivalry between PlayStation and Xbox. They have both been each other’s major competitors and if you ask a group of gamers which company is better, you are bound to spark some sort of debate.

Whenever one company releases a console, then you can expect the other to release one too. Every time each company releases a new console, it is a numbers game to try and figure out which one is better, but that isn’t necessarily reliable. For the most part, Xbox has reigned supreme between both of them. However, this is not necessarily telling of quality, but instead customer loyalty and even affordability.

With the release of the PS5 and the Xbox Series S, there seems to have been a shift in loyalty between fans, with more people purchasing the PS5. Once again, we recommend that instead of looking at the sales and promotion of the two, you get to know the tech behind both consoles. This is where we come in, here are the differences between the PS5 and Xbox series S tech.



The first place that we have to start when talking about the two is the difference in terms of their controllers.  Though nobody really expected much change on that front, as the two companies have stuck to their own controller models for some time, PlayStation really surprised us all by releasing a new model for their controller this year.

The tech involved in this controller really blew every other console out of the water as aside from the introduction of the VR controller, no company has evolved as much as PlayStation. But what was so unique about the new controller?

What is interesting about this particular controller is that it has haptic feedback, matched with adaptive triggers. For those of you that are not too familiar with the technology, this means that there is resistance when you use the controller. Say you are playing a game where you are in control of a gun, as you pull the trigger to fire your gun, you can feel the same kind of resistance that you would feel when pulling an actual trigger. This only adds to the immersion of the game, which has made it extremely popular.

Unfortunately, Xbox has made very little progress in terms of controllers, which many people have criticized.



When looking at the two, the most important aspect that you should focus on is the specs. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series S boast an eight-core AMD CUP.  There is a slight difference in terms of CPU frequency as the PS5 runs at a 3.5GHz frequency, while the Xbox runs at a 3.6GHz frequency.

Though they share those similarities, the PS5 knocks the Xbox S series out of the water when it comes to processing power, as the PS5 has an impressive 10 TFLOPS in comparison to the Xbox Series S’s 4 TFLOPS. Overall the XBOX is less powerful than the PS5, but for the most part, this was intentional. The reason that the new Xbox is a little weaker is due to the fact it was created with the aim to target gamers that do not want to spend as much money or do not simply need an extremely powerful console.



In the world of gaming, something that can be extremely annoying for console owners is console exclusive games. Many game developers choose to either distribute their games exclusively to either Playstation or Xbox. With the release of the new consoles, this time around Playstation has been given access to a number of titles that Xbox, unfortunately, has not. This is mainly because the newer Playstation is much more capable of handling the more demanding games that are expected to be released.

However, there are still a number of pre-existing games that will be available to use on both consoles and can even be transferred to your new console for free if you already bought it on an older model. So don’t worry, you will still be able to use the rainbow six siege hacks that you know and love, no matter which consoles you ultimately decide to go for.

4 Common Issues with Windows OS and how to Combat Them

When it comes to operating systems there are two names that stand above the rest. Windows and Mac. And the argument between which is superior has been raging for as long as personal computers have been on sale. And we aren’t here to fan the flame of this never-ending debate.

Rather we are here to take a look at some of the common issues that occur when using a windows operating system and how you can combat them. Any experienced PC user knows bugs and glitches are unavoidable in any system. It is just a fact of life. Machines aren’t perfect, as much as we like to imagine they are. But there are ways you can resolve these issues swiftly and properly when they occur. Saving you the hassle of having to sit on hold with tech support for a few hours.

Bluescreen Of Death

Perhaps the most infamous and well-known operating system error on the planet. The term ‘Bluescreen’ has become synonymous with a computer crash even in systems, not running windows. It has even slipped its way into pop culture and is referenced in numerous games and shows.

Anyone who has used a Windows OS is aware of this phenomenon. It is preceded by everything on the screen freezing, and sometimes a continuous buzzing sound. Then everything vanishes, replaced by a bright blue screen and an error message.

The technical term for this error is the Video TDR Failure Error. So let’s look at how to fix the video TDR failure error on windows 10. Nine times out of ten this error is related to a hardware issue. Mainly in the hard drive. But it can also be caused by faulty driver software or a corrupt system file.

A simple restart is often enough to sort it. But to be extra sure you may want to update your video drivers, run a complete systems check for any corrupted files and, if it still occurs time and time again, consider backing everything up and reinstalling windows.

Extreme Lag

Windows is a very versatile OS. Unlike Mac, which requires specialized coding for programs to work on it, Windows is able to run most programs with ease. But this does have a knock-on effect. Another common issue you may face is lag. Or in simpler terms, everything will be running slowly on your machine.

The first thing to check is how much memory is currently being used by programs. Pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc will bring up the windows task manager. In processes, you can see how much memory is being used by specific programs. Some Windows-based programs can be quite memory-hungry, such as Chrome or Word. And some background applications can also slow things down. We suggest closing these programs or uninstalling them if you get no use from them.

Program Not Launching

This could happen for a few different reasons. So there are multiple ways to correct this bug. Firstly, wait. It may just be the program is taking a while to load. But if it is taking far too long then open task manager. Here you can see if the program is open but not responding, or if it just isn’t opening at all. If it’s the first, force close it and try again.

If it just isn’t opening we then recommend right-clicking the program and running in admin mode. This may get the program to start with no issue. If this fails then you will want to check the program’s cache for any missing files. If that still does not work, it may be time to reinstall the program altogether. ‘

Unknown Crashing

This can be a tricky one to fix. If your system is shutting itself off randomly or the system just freezes with zero response, then you will understandably be a bit perplexed. The first thing to check is the hardware. Most importantly, how clean it is. Open up your PC and give it a good dusting with compressed air. Do NOT use wet wipes or any traditional cleaning products.

For random freezing, trying ctrl+alt+delete can sometimes get you out of the crash and allow you to restart the system. Once restarted we suggest launching in safe mode and running a diagnostic program to further locate the error.

How VR Tech is Changing Horror Gaming 

Gaming has come a very long way since the first-ever video game was released in 1958 after being developed by the physicist William Higinbotham. The first game was a very simple tennis game but was still extremely popular at the time. Gaming has advanced massively since then, with new consoles coming out every few years and new games coming out all the time. There are so many games available to play now that they’re split into genres. One of the most popular gaming genres is horror gaming, one of the most popular horror games is ‘Dead by Daylight’. This game is a survival horror game, it’s multiplayer which makes it even more fun for its users, it’s 4 vs 1 and, you’ll either play as the killer of one of the people trying to survive. If you’re in the team of 4 the aim is to survive, if you’re the killer you win if you kill everyone. The advancement of technology has allowed for games like this, it seems like VR technology is the next development in gaming and this will make dead by daylight more fun, as well as improving many other games too.


What is VR tech? 

VR gaming is the new biggest thing, it provides gamers with a completely new way to experience gaming, making it much more realistic and immersive which makes it much more fun. Whilst it will never eradicate the need for other forms of entertainment it is likely it will come to dominate the entertainment industry as people will start to expect this higher standard of gaming. The gaming industry is a profitable one as gamers are always willing to splash out on the best new console or the most popular new game. Gamers have taken well to the new innovative technology that allows for VR video games, this is evident by a recent study which according to Statista claims that by the end of 2025 VR gaming will have generated almost $20 billion in the United States alone. There is still a long way to go for any games to be fully VR formatted, but the development of this has started and based on the success of the current VR games it’s likely it will change the gaming industry and VR gaming will be mainstream by 2025. 

What benefits will it bring to horror gaming? 

VR gaming would make the experience much more immersive for the player and their engagement levels to the game would be much higher. VR gaming would involve accessories such as a headset or hand controller which means they’re more involved than they would be with just a console and a TV. This would make the game more enjoyable and therefore more addictive meaning more people would play and people would spend a longer amount of time playing. 

The newest developments in VR technology have allowed for the whole gaming environment to be improved. Some of the developments including the release of controllers are seen as a turning point in VR gaming. The massively increase the player’s involvement with the environment as it allows the players to control the environment at their will. It is likely that future developments will be even more advanced and incorporate all 5 senses into the experience. 

VR also creates expanded content which has already changed horror gaming, any other changes will only improve it more. According to Statista, 68% of users are interested in VR horror games, compared to only 36% being interested in normal horror games, thanks to this expanded content. 

These are the Regulations Europe is Imposing on Smart Cars

Driving in Europe has many different rules around it, from obtaining a license to the rules of the road and costs associated with driving. The EU as a body imposes certain regulations on driving and other aspects each of the individual states in the EU can create their own rules.

Some common rules shared among all the countries is that no one under age 18 can drive a car, the more years driving experience you have the cheaper it is to hire a car and the different engine sizes of the cars also have different costs associated with them. Europe has strict rules on who they allow driving, if you’re not sure if you’ll be allowed to drive then find your vehicle identification number and use a car VIN check europe to look at the history of your car and see if it meets the requirements of EU laws. With the development of smart cars, Europe has had to develop new regulations to deal with these being on the road which is slightly different from their usual rules and regulations.


What is a smart car?

The development of the smart car started a long time ago. Swatch watches inventor moved his interest from watches to cars and succeeded in this just as much as he did making watches. He hated driving as he thought it was damaging the environment and he struggles to park in small spaces.

He realized if he thought this was then many other people would think just like him, this made him realize that there was a gap in the market and he took the opportunity to develop a smart car. The development started back in 1994 and the first smart car was revealed in Frankfurt 3 years later. The purpose of a smart car was to be a more environmentally friendly car as it would be much more fuel-efficient than the average car on the roads and due to its small size, it would make parking much easier. He partnered with Daimler-Benz to make this possible, after a while, he pulled out as it wasn’t as environmentally friendly so now smart cars are fully owned by Daimler-Benz. There have been continuous developments on the smart car to make it more environmentally friendly and recently there have been signs there are plans to move to an electric engine.

Why are separate regulations needed?

Whilst the development of the smart car is great for the environment, it’s a much more dangerous vehicle than the standard car on the road. The size and weight of the car mean they’re unsafe in collisions, if a smart car was to crash in a standard size car they wouldn’t have enough protection and the driver would have increased chances of being seriously injured.

What regulations are being imposed?

Europe has introduced new rules and regulations around CO2 emissions from cars after the Paris Agreement where 195 nations agreed to lower their emissions. There are now penalties that have been put in place for diesel cars and cars that have higher than average CO2 emissions.

On the flip side, there are incentives in place to help encourage people to purchase smart cars as they’re much better for the environment, and having more people drive them will help Europe to meet their CO2 targets. Another regulation is new parking laws that apply specifically to smart cars. In two major European cities: Paris and London, parking on the pavement is not allowed, but if you drive a smart car due to the small size you’re allowed to do this as pedestrians can still easily pass, this is another incentive to drive a smart car as both of these cities are extremely busy so this will make finding a parking space much easier.

Again, the size of the car is a benefit as if you’re parking in a parking space in the UK for example, you can park 2 smart cars in the 1 space and only have to pay for 1 ticket. Europe has pretty lax parking laws around smart cars, all of these rules are in place as a step in the right direction for Europe to become carbon neutral on the roads by 2039.


It's not a faith in technology. It's faith in people.

Steve Jobs



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Top 3 Tablet Comparison – 2020 Review

What exactly we desire from a tablet device are entertainment, productivity, and creativity. If a tablet can deliver these three elements, it qualifies to satisfy users. The tablet is only beneficial when it can bridge the gap between mobiles and

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