Android Operating System: The Past, Present & Future

Android is one of the most extensive operating systems offering users uninterrupted service for almost two decades. Android took one key decision to make it an open-source operating system. This decision has been one of the critical factors of Android success in the operating system industry. Android has the highest user base unmatched to any other operating system around. The history of Android is more interesting than what you think it is. 

The History of Android Operating System:

Android has everything to do with smartphones, but its presence was felt much before that. In the year 2003, android existence began in Palo Alto, California. In the initial stage, Android Inc. had four founders: Rich Miner, Nick Sears, Chris White, and Andy Rubin. During the incorporation, Andy Rubin said that Android had plans to develop smart devices that would know its location and owner’s preferences.

Things started to take shape in the year 2005 when Google acquired Android. Under Google, the same team remained, but the purpose now was different. They were currently working on an operating system that could be offered to mobile phone manufacturers for free. To do this, they had to make Linux the base of their operating system. The team of Google wanted to offer app services through its operating system to make money. Rubin was made in charge of the Android project, and he stayed in the company till 2013. Later in 2014, he left the company and launched a start-up incubator. 

The logo of Android, which we know as a combination of a robot and a bug, green in color, was initially invented by Irina Blok. She had created this logo at the time, working for Google. Regarding the logo, Blok said that she had taken inspiration from the signs used at the restroom for men and women. This exciting fact brings us to the birth of the Android logo that we are so familiarized with. The Android logo has been modified and used by many people as Google allows such changes. These changes come under the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license allowing people to change the logo.

In the year, 2007 just after Apple released its first iPhone, Google, in November, it started to reveal its plans to compete with Apple. Soon on the 5th of November 2007, the first public beta for the Android system was launched. Soon in September 2008, Google announced the first Android Smartphone named the T-Mobile G1 or HTC Dream. Android did not have any codename for their OS until version 1.5 Cupcake.


Usability of Android Operating System:

Android is an open-source operating system allowing users full customization features. The android operating system is one of the most flexible operating systems unmatched to any other in the market. The consequences of using an open-source operating system come with certain flaws like security lapses and infiltration issues. This is not because Android is broken or an incomplete operating system, but its popularity creates massive exploitation opportunities.

As the operating system is based on an open-source, it is flexible and cheap. The system is popular and affordable makes it widespread all over the globe. The android operating system has the highest user base that is increasing by many folds every year. The android operating system’s support and software updates are slow when compared to the iOS operating system. This is because Android relies on a patchwork of vendor applications and other implementations. 

If you are looking for a real and pure Google Android operating system experience, it is advised to use Google devices. Google devices, on the other hand, have a minimal share in the Smartphone market as their operating systems are sold by numerous Smartphone companies. These companies have too cheap devices offering innumerable features. Google devices, on the other hand, are expensive, resulting in a low user base.

Overall, the Android operating system has reliable usability offering innumerable customization. Users can tweak their devices and unlock powerful features easily. The android operating system provides a balance between your needs and wants from an operating system. The ultimate management of usability, security, and flexibility can be witnessed in this operating system. 


The Future of Android Operating System:

From a small start-up, Android today has come a long way. Such a humble beginning of Android once was never imagined to reach these heights of success one day. To this day, Android is the leading operating system in the world, having 75% of the total market share. The company is still strong and hopes to bring considerable innovations in the future.

Google, apart from Android, has been working on a different Operating system named “Fuchsia.” Google has been working on this project for a long time and believes this operating system would be the game-changer. This operating system is designed to support every device, starting from a Smartphone to tablet, notebooks, and computers. In the year 2019, Google also launched a development board site for the operating system. 

There is not much heard about the Fuchsia operating system since then. However, the information is scarce, but the idea seems promising, and we are hoping for an announcement soon from Google’s behalf. Google has faced several challenges from competitors, which motivates the company to go from strength to strength.

Google also has improved their update firmware offering top companies like One Plus and Samsung smartphones three years of uninterrupted software updates. Project Treble and Project Mainline have taken initiatives to offer users better update rollouts.

The Google Pixel phone we see every year is a good reason to believe that the future of Google’s Android is bright and developing every year. Though there is a tough challenge in the market, the Google Pixel phone standouts among all other Android operated devices.

Step ahead in the future for Android seems to be challenging developing a new hardware system for phones of the modern era. Android dominates the operating system market and would keep dominating the future with their innovative techniques offered in a flexible OS. Paving their way to the future, Android sure does have several plans to change the way we use our smartphones. 



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