PS5 Vs Xbox Series S: Unpacking the Tech

For over two decades there has been a rivalry between PlayStation and Xbox. They have both been each other’s major competitors and if you ask a group of gamers which company is better, you are bound to spark some sort of debate.

Whenever one company releases a console, then you can expect the other to release one too. Every time each company releases a new console, it is a numbers game to try and figure out which one is better, but that isn’t necessarily reliable. For the most part, Xbox has reigned supreme between both of them. However, this is not necessarily telling of quality, but instead customer loyalty and even affordability.

With the release of the PS5 and the Xbox Series S, there seems to have been a shift in loyalty between fans, with more people purchasing the PS5. Once again, we recommend that instead of looking at the sales and promotion of the two, you get to know the tech behind both consoles. This is where we come in, here are the differences between the PS5 and Xbox series S tech.



The first place that we have to start when talking about the two is the difference in terms of their controllers.  Though nobody really expected much change on that front, as the two companies have stuck to their own controller models for some time, PlayStation really surprised us all by releasing a new model for their controller this year.

The tech involved in this controller really blew every other console out of the water as aside from the introduction of the VR controller, no company has evolved as much as PlayStation. But what was so unique about the new controller?

What is interesting about this particular controller is that it has haptic feedback, matched with adaptive triggers. For those of you that are not too familiar with the technology, this means that there is resistance when you use the controller. Say you are playing a game where you are in control of a gun, as you pull the trigger to fire your gun, you can feel the same kind of resistance that you would feel when pulling an actual trigger. This only adds to the immersion of the game, which has made it extremely popular.

Unfortunately, Xbox has made very little progress in terms of controllers, which many people have criticized.



When looking at the two, the most important aspect that you should focus on is the specs. Both the PS5 and Xbox Series S boast an eight-core AMD CUP.  There is a slight difference in terms of CPU frequency as the PS5 runs at a 3.5GHz frequency, while the Xbox runs at a 3.6GHz frequency.

Though they share those similarities, the PS5 knocks the Xbox S series out of the water when it comes to processing power, as the PS5 has an impressive 10 TFLOPS in comparison to the Xbox Series S’s 4 TFLOPS. Overall the XBOX is less powerful than the PS5, but for the most part, this was intentional. The reason that the new Xbox is a little weaker is due to the fact it was created with the aim to target gamers that do not want to spend as much money or do not simply need an extremely powerful console.



In the world of gaming, something that can be extremely annoying for console owners is console exclusive games. Many game developers choose to either distribute their games exclusively to either Playstation or Xbox. With the release of the new consoles, this time around Playstation has been given access to a number of titles that Xbox, unfortunately, has not. This is mainly because the newer Playstation is much more capable of handling the more demanding games that are expected to be released.

However, there are still a number of pre-existing games that will be available to use on both consoles and can even be transferred to your new console for free if you already bought it on an older model. So don’t worry, you will still be able to use the rainbow six siege hacks that you know and love, no matter which consoles you ultimately decide to go for.