7 Benefits of Using a VPN Over Normal Servers

In recent years, you may have noticed an increase in people recommending the use of VPNs. It feels as though overnight the world became aware of the advantages of using a VPN and as a result, more and more companies have been set up with the promise of offering a must-have VPN server.


A VPN, also known as a virtual private network has become so popular due to the significant increase in security that it can offer. Though the potential security of using a VPN is constantly promoted, for people who are not very familiar with VPNs, all of the other benefits of using a VPN may not be known. VPNs offer you much more than just security, so if you are someone that has been unable to persuade yourself to switch over to the world of VPNs in the past, then you may be encouraged to do so when you learn about these 7 benefits of using a VPN over normal servers.


Network Security

Before we delve into some of the benefits that you may not know about, we believe that it is important to cover what VPNs are most famous for. If you use any website, your online activity can be tracked online. Something that you may not know is that websites are constantly collecting data about yourself. If you have ever been talking about a product and browsing it on your devices, you may notice that on other platforms, advertisements for these same products are then pushed.

For the most part, this isn’t going to be too annoying as many sites have regulations on the number of ads that you will see. However, for the sites that do not have these regulations, you can expect to see annoying pop-up ads. These ads can get in the way of your general browsing. If you use a VPN server, then you will be able to stop people from accessing your personal data, which means you won’t be exposed to annoying personal adverts and all of your data will be private.


Hide your private information

In the digital age, we are unfortunately all at risk of being a victim of hacking if we have an online presence. As you probably know, you want to try to avoid hacking to the best of your ability and by switching over to a vps server, you open yourself up to a lot more security which lessens the risk of being able to be hacked. A lot of CPN servers are encrypted, which means if people do gain access to your data, they would see nothing but nonsense which they couldn’t decipher.


Escape Bandwidth throttling

Something that you may not know is that your internet speed is often purposely slowed down by those who control your networks. This can depend on the sites you use and it can be extremely annoying when browsing. More often than not, the bandwidth throttling is caused by the sites you use and so by using a VPN, you will be able to hide that data and browse with less delay.


Prevent data restrictions

Something that not a lot of people are aware of is that when you have used a lot of the available data allotted by your internet provider, the internet provider can then choose to slow your internet. This is essentially a data cap that not many people are aware of and by using a VPN, your internet provider will not be able to know how much data you have used.


Escape geographical limitations

If you have ever owned a Netflix or streaming account for any site, you may be aware that other countries have access to shows that you do not. It isn’t even just streaming sites that have limitations, there are plenty of websites online that can only be accessed if you have a certain geographical location. Using a VPN allows you to spoof your location, which means you could claim to be from America if you are from Spain and have access to all of the American Netflix content. Being able to spoof your location also means that if anyone attempted to hack you and find your location, they wouldn’t be able to.


You can protect multiple devices

One of the best features of most VPN services is the fact that they can cover multiple devices. We live in a very on-the-go world which means more often than not you will depend on your phone rather than your laptop,  which means simply being able to use a VPN service from home isn’t enough.  Fortunately, it is usually an extremely straightforward process to set your VPN service up with multiple devices, which means that you won’t have to worry about your internet security no matter where you are.


Cheaper purchase prices

A fun fact that you may not be aware of is that when it comes to tickets for flights or shows, you can often get them cheaper depending on what country you are in. Because you are able to spoof your location, it is easy to find out the cheapest places to purchase your tickets and then change your location so that you are able to gain a discount. Doing this could save you hundreds, if not thousands, every year and so you could invest this leftover income into other expenses that you may have.