Why 5G Mobile Network Is Going To Change The World

5G is wireless broadband that is believed to bring over the latest innovation in cellular technology. With the introduction of the 5G mobile network, there will be several advantages that cellular owners will enjoy. With endless browsing opportunities at high speed, the 5G network can also enable hundreds and thousands of connections seamlessly. The latency offered in the 5G technology is much lower compared to its predecessors. With 5G technology growing worldwide, it is also going to benefit the IoT-enabled devices primarily.

Below mentioned are the various changes that 5G technology is going to bring to consumers worldwide.


The most significant benefit the 5G network will bring is to consumer’s smartphones. As compared to the 4G network, 5G is going to be quite robust and reliable. Previously places, where the network was an issue will be able to get good reception with the introduction of 5G. Apart from the network, the download and browsing speed is going to improve drastically. You no longer have to wait for several hours to get your movies downloaded. With the help of 5G, network movies and other high-end videos will be downloaded in a matter of seconds.

Streaming and Entertainment:

Streaming and entertainment are going to change completely with the introduction of 5G. The capacity is going to be unlimited and no lags while using 5G. Technologies such as virtual reality, 3D, and augmented reality can be experienced with 5G. 5G will also offer consumers an immersive experience and multi-sensory digital content to take entertainment to the next level.

Connected Vehicles:

There are self-driving cars out there, but it is not in practice like the way we expect so far. This is because of the lack of 5G technology to support autonomous driving. With the introduction of 5G technology, autonomous driving will be the next big thing. To make self-driving a reality, unprecedented speed and connectivity are required. With 5G technology, the fact of self-driving cars can be felt. In short, with the introduction of 5G, everything we see on the roads is going to be connected. The lampposts, gas stations, restaurants, restrooms, and everything would populate on the consumer’s screen for information.

The combination of IoT-enabled devices and 5G technology can bring significant improvements in several fields of work. There are several other ways that the 5G network will change the world apart from consumer benefits. Below mentioned are some of the leading changes that 5G technology can bring shortly.

Smart Cities:

Smart Cities are smart when they have superior connectivity and seamless coordination between devices. Several projects are being made which will run entirely on the 5G network to offer homeowners comfort. Features such as automatic dimming light, IoT enabled technology, sensors for utility holes, and many more are going to change the way we live. Smart homes will now be smart enough to make our lives easy with the introduction of 5G technology. 

Industrial and Commercial Benefits:

With the introduction of 5G technology, the industrial and commercial sectors will be mainly benefited. Goods can be tracked in real-time while they are on the go with 5G technology. As 5G is a wireless broadband network, it can track vehicles and offer real-time data to the primary office. With real-time data, agencies can assist drivers in cases of any emergencies. 

In the agricultural sector, soil sensors driven by 5G technology will instantly analyze soil quality and instantly provide solutions. 

Huge factories and manufacturing units will now deploy robots controlled through the 5G network to do dangerous jobs. This will give workers security, as no longer they have to risk their lives to get the job done. Apart from these, there will be a significant change in commercial and industrial sectors worldwide with 5G.


With the introduction of the 5G technology, the telemedicine scenario is going to change completely. There will be no need to visit the doctor and make appointments, as virtual visits will be introduced. Patients can consult and visit doctors virtually from the comfort of their homes. There will be wearables or implanted devices on the patient’s body that will provide data on the hospitals’ health conditions in real-time. This technology will help detect early warning signs of various complications such as heart attacks, strokes, and other deadly diseases.

One of the most significant innovations that 5G technology will bring in the health sector is the possibility of doing telesurgery by controlling equipment seated thousands of miles away. This is only possible through a high-speed wireless network like 5G. Several reports show that these kinds of surgery can be done through the help of 5G connectivity. In January, one of the surgeons in China had surgery to remove a pig’s lever successfully from 30 miles using the 5G wireless technology.

Virtual Possibilities:

As we know, there are endless possibilities with the introduction of the 5G network. The possibilities 5G technology can bring is endless. With virtual reality being in practice, sports enthusiasts can feel the real punch of the games. 

Shopping is going to change a lot from what we know with the introduction of 5G technology. With the help of augmented reality, consumers can now shop by getting the products’ real feel before making a purchase decision. The experience is unmatched when we compare it to the recent online shopping experience. 

With virtual and augmented reality, the way we play games is going to change drastically. Over the years, both augmented reality and virtual reality have been in practice but looks vague without 5G technology support. To experience most of these realities, it is essential to use 5G technology.


The implication of 5G technology will take time as it is being released gradually from one region to another. Countries like South Korea have already started using the 5G technology and have appreciated the new technology’s benefits. Many places worldwide are still in the testing phase. It took ten years for the 4G network to be established, and so consumers have to wait a while for the latest wireless communication technology to be found. There are endless possibilities once the 5G network comes to its full potential.