Top 3 Tablet Comparison – 2020 Review

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What exactly we desire from a tablet device are entertainment, productivity, and creativity. If a tablet can deliver these three elements, it qualifies to satisfy users. The tablet is only beneficial when it can bridge the gap between mobiles and laptops. Recently, the tablet market has witnessed an increase in demand. Companies like Apple and Samsung have shown significant developments and innovations in the tablet segment encouraging people to buy more. Below are some of the best tablets with all features, pros, and cons that will help you compare each other devices.

iPad Air 4

Apple is believed to be the tablet segment leader offering something innovative and creative enough every year. The Apple iPad Air 4 comes with an all-screen design sporting a 10.9-inch screen. The iPad Air comes with the new A14 Bionic chipset that offers you exceptional power to smoothly carry out your daily task. This iPad supports Apple’s keypad and pencil range, which is a bonus for users who want to update this monstrous device.

The iPad Air comes in a wide range of colors and has two storage options of 64GB and 256GB. Though the new 2020 generation Ipad Air costs more than its predecessors did, it does come with several extra features to justify the cost. The iPad Air 4 sports the retina LED-backlit multi-touch display to offer users an outstanding quality. The touch ID embedded in this new device is safer, fast, easy, and secure. This iPad is an all-in-one device with the capabilities of shooting videos in 4K and then editing it on the same device.

The new Ipad works 40% faster when compared to its predecessors, which is exciting. The apple pencil allows you to take notes and organize them as per your schedule. All in all, this tablet from Apple is one of the best tablets money can buy. Experience the all-new Ipad Pro with the latest features.

Below are mentioned some of the pros and cons of the iPad Air 4.


  • The tablet comes with an all-screen design
  • The A14 Bionic chip is a powerhouse
  • Apple Pencil and keyboard support


  • Price is higher than the last generation

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus:

galaxy tab s7

Samsung is the world’s most renowned personal electronics brand. They have for a decade have offered users devices that can offer outstanding quality and innovative features. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is a device filled with innovative features and a powerhouse. The Samsung Galaxy S7 sports a 12.4-inch gorgeous 120Hz Super AMOLED screen and has a premium design. This tablet runs on the latest Android 10 software offering unlimited customization features.

This is by far the best tablet Samsung has ever created and can be a serious rival to Apple tablet devices. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 sports the QUALCOMM Snapdragon 865 Plus chipset to offer smooth operations and take up any load. You can also get this gorgeous performing tablet in 5G versions. This tablet comes with two storage options of 128GB and 256GB. 

This tablet’s cameras can be compared to some of the best mobile phones as dual camera features. A 5MP and 13MP wide-angle camera will allow you to take the perfect shot every time. The price of this device is very high, but the features it comes with can justify the price. This is the first-ever tablet by Samsung that sports the latest QUALCOMM snapdragon 865 plus chipset. The 5G is also capable of offering users a high-speed internet experience at a new level altogether.

Below mentioned are some of the device’s pros and cons that will help you compare with other devices.


  • It comes with a Super AMOLED screen
  • The design is premium
  • It sports the latest processor for a super-fast experience.


  • The price of this tablet is very high
  • Android lacks quality apps in their tablet for a better user experience.

Ipad Pro:

ipad pro

The iPad Pro is the best tablet you can buy that comes with almost all the features users are looking forward to in a tablet device. Two different models sport different screen sizes. The two-screen sizes offered by Apple are 11 inches and a 12.9-inch for a considerable cinematic experience. This tablet is compared to many laptops, and it has been able to come out a winner due to its insane performance and amount of power.

The apple pencil can magnetically clip on the tablet for ease of use. The screen to body ratio and superb speakers allow users to experience a new level of cinematic experience. The iPad Pro, though released in 2018, is one of the most formidable competitors in the tablet segment. The Ipad pro comes with the A 12X Bionic chip, which is good enough to get your entire daily job done, including high editing videos. There is a ton of storage capacities available with this model. You can choose from 64GB, 256GB, 512GB, and even 1TB in the Apple iPad Pro that is exciting. Depending on your use, you can go for the right one.

Certain flaws come with this tablet, such as the software that limits the multitasking in the laptop experience. Apart from that, there is no headphone jack, which is a significant setback for many users. Feature such as note-taking and editing make this tablet perfect for daily use. This tablet comes with a 7MP front camera, which is clear and high quality for video calls. The rear camera sports a 12MP camera that is good compared to many other tablets in the market. All in all, the Ipad pro 11 and 12.9 inches are one of the best tablets you can get for your money in 2020.

Below mentioned are some of the pros and cons of the Ipad Pro.


  • The pencil clips on automatically
  • There is enough power to allow you to do all your daily task easily and quickly
  • The device is old as compared to other tablets as it was released in 2018.


  • Software is not up to date
  • The pencil and keyboard have to be bought separately.


Mentioned above are the three tablets that can be compared to one another. Each of these tablets is premium products and has all the necessary features accepted from a leading tablet. The Apple iPad Pro was the best when we compared all. The Apple iPad Air 4 is an excellent device having the latest features. In contrast, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus is the one with the most innovative features and supports 5G connectivity. You can easily compare and select the one you are looking for after referring to what’s mentioned above.

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